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Garry Kirsch



 If you are a producer,
 director, or film maker,
 and are interested in any
 of these scripts, please
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 and I will be happy to
 send you a copy.

 I am also available to
 work on adaptations,
 and/or rewrites of
 existing scripts.

Recent scripts

UNBECOMING  -  for stage or screen - 15 minute - Thriller

Two detectives in pursuit of a serial killer, face a perplexing puzzle. The killer has just turned up dead, but he appears to have died two weeks prior to his latest victim.

"Unbecoming was born out of a fascination with characters of pure evil - those who find themselves strangely attracted to darkness and chaos. They appear to be like everyone else - your neighbour, your mailman, the young fellow who cuts your lawn. They live amongst us, but are often impossible to see. They can't explain why they are so different, but they intend to embrace it."  Garry Kirsch

"...suspense, conflict, interesting characters and is marvelously nasty!" Belleville Theatre Guild

"Intense"   "horrifying"  Jack Evans, Community Press

THE MAN IN THE MIRROR -  for stage or screen - 30 minute - Adult fairy tale

An unfriendly self-pitying shop owner has his greatest wish come true after he acquires a magic mirror. The magic mirror transforms the shop owner's life, but can it save him from the bitterness that continues to consume him?

                     "In the dark of night, before the dawn,
                          before the morning sun has shone,
                          grant my deepest wish come true,
                           spirit of the mirror I conjure you!"

THE OTHER SIDE - Pilot for a TV series - Science Fiction / Fantasy

An archaeologist reluctantly joins forces with a powerful magician in an attempt to decipher an ancient book that may unlock the secret of man's beginnings.

"A story of magic, the meaning of life, and what's behind the curtain..."

AN ACT OF GOD - screenplay - 10 minute - Science Fiction

Charlotte has gone missing, and her sister will do anything to find her - even risk her life in a bargain with the city's most dangerous gangster, known as Kingpin.